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We provide a broad range of interpersonal skills, leadership, sales, and people management training for participants at operative to senior management level in a wide range of industries and sectors including Automobile, Commercial Vehicles & Construction Equipments, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Entertainment, Hospitality, IT, Retail and Higher Education. We train people to be highly productive, customer-focused professionals who deliver a superior experience to every customer. Our training increases productivity, and it reduces employee attrition. Both are vital for the success of a business. We develop training programs keeping in view the changed business environment, consumer behavior, and competition. Our innovative training programs are based on two key drivers of performance – people and process, and help clients to deliver best value to their customers. The mindset and attitude of people concerned are changed to help build and maintain meaningful relationships with internal & external customers. Learning how to manage and communicate information to customers within a high-trust working relationship is the key to success. Our research based training programs (business process & management techniques) can help you grow by building & maintaining meaningful relationships with your customers in a highly competitive environment.

We are a group of management professionals joined together as performance enhancement consultants to provide high quality in-house people management, interpersonal skills tailored training, and development solutions at affordable levels of investment regardless of organisation size or industry/sector by leveraging our expertise in sales & marketing, human resources management, training, education, and other areas. We aim at promoting a consultative learning atmosphere for people, facilitating access to global learning opportunities, and responding to the diverse learning needs of people. We design, develop, and deliver training programs to suit the requirements of our clients. All our clients are assured of our professional, personal, confidential and courteous services at all times. We believe that shared values are fundamental to the success in achieving our mission and realizing our vision.

Our core team consists of highly experienced professionals from industries as well as academicia. Team members have master's and doctoral degree (Ph.D) in relevant areas. Most of the team members are proven industry professionals. They are well known for the mastery of their specialized training programs. Their practical knowledge and contacts with industry mean clients are kept abreast of trends and developments in today’s world. Team members have in-depth knowledge of and exposure to sales & marketing, human resource management and other areas of management. In order to provide personalized services, we have divided our team into four small teams (research, content development, delivery, and recruitment) and each team has expertise to provide customized services to our clients.

Being in the people's business, we have recognized the need to select consultants who share our values of integrity, customer service & quality, and demonstrate their ability to engage with our clients and training participants whilst working as a true team player. This enables us to provide you with a team of highly professional and supportive consultants who will work seamlessly together to deliver the results required.

Once we have fully understood your needs, we will present our tailored solution utilizing the most skilled and experienced consultant or team of consultants closest to your location to minimize your costs whilst ensuring high quality results and effective communication. For consistency and a successful long term business relationship, we ensure the same facilitator/consultant provides you with the ongoing service you require unless another team member has better skills and experience suitable for the new assignment you wish to commission.

Our are in the process of up grading our website. We are confident you will find our new website informative and meaningful. Your feedback is important to us. Please feel free to share your views with us and enable us to serve you better. We look forward to providing you with the support and service you are seeking.

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